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two week wait

In between days….

I’m in the midst of another *two week wait. I’m getting damn good at these. The first month we were trying, I was a total hyper-hypo and “felt” alllll sorts of symptoms. Now-a-days I just sort of lose track where I am, until I get close to a test date day…. But this month, since I have barely any pregnancy tests left (having peed through my bulk order in previous months early-testing-frenzies) I am now going to have to wait until I get to the end of the two weeks, which is next week sometime.

The cruel irony is that the second half of the two-week wait is PMS week. Which mean that when I’ve been finding out that yet another month has gone by and still no double lines…. I’m a PMS-y mess. Plus, many of the signs of PMS mimic the signs of pregnancy and vice versa.

So here I sit, wondering to myself if these things I feel are the arrival of Aunt Flo, or am I not going to see her for another 9 months?!? So far I’m experiencing all of my typical signs of PMS:

  • Urge to get a bad haircut
  • Elevated irritation with bf’s nocturnal sleeping habits
  • The “SCREW exercise!” attitude
  • Irritability
  • Wanting to get married
  • Craving chocolate
  • Aversion to the scale

But I took Clomid, DAMNIT! We’re supposed to be knocked up with twins this month!!! Alas, it’s looking like another month where I will be greeted by single lines on the stick. *sigh* Meanwhile, the clock ticks down closing out another two week wait…

*A two week wait, for those of you not in the know, is this: the two weeks following ovulation. During that time conception and implantation takes place…. leading up to where your body will spit out a bunch of pregnancy hormones that will magically make that second-YOU-ARE-PREGNANT-line appear on a pregnancy test.  The earliest you can test and get a positive is typically 10 days, depending on the sensitivity of the test. A lot of women will just wait until their period is due, which puts it at around two weeks after ovulation.