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Too much time on my hands….

Thinking outside of the box, I have my moments. This blog starts off describing one of them…

I’ve not been writing, not really. I’ve not been accomplishing much of anything. Ever the pro-active-get-it-resolved-type-o-gal…. I thought about how I could get on track again. AND, it was that little brain conversation with myself that lead to my buying a kitchen timer. My reasoning was that I could totally commit 15 minutes of my life to anything. So, instead of staring off into space, or doing the O.C.D loop of checking and rechecking my emails/messages…. I could set the timer and commit to random projects. The plan was to set the timer and go at it in cleaning the garage. Set the timer and start cleaning my room. Set the timer and do the dishes. Set the timer and write. Set the timer and read….

So far… I’ve been using the timer to time naps.

Sleeping has been productive….

One day I came home for my lunch break,and upon driving into my driveway, I was greeted by a sinking feeling and a feeling of utter disappointment. Why? Because, as I drove up and caught sight of my overgrown lawn, I remembered my dream of the night before… I dreamed that I had woken up and someone had mowed my lawn. I didn’t know who had mowed it, only that it was beautiful. On my lunch break, back in the reality where lawns don’t mow themselves, I actually experience a moment of shock over my lawn not having been mowed. The disappointment I experienced motivated me to come home that evening and mow my lawn. That night, when I went to bed, I secretly hoped (with all my might) that I would not have the phantom mower mow my back lawn in my dream…. because I just didn’t have the energy to tackle that project!