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dog treats

One sick puppy…

Today I left work early because I’m not feeling well. On the way home I stopped to get supplies:

  • Dog bones, the kind that are filled with doggie yum goodness
  • Doggie peanut butter chews
  • Doggie raw hide chews
  • Doggie assorted flavor mini-biscuits to use as Kong stuffers
  • Doggie gourmet soft food… to use as Kong stuffers
  • New Vanilla & Sandalwood essential oil candle… it smells like a man! Hahaha… oh gawd, but it does! I got it to cancel out the wet dog smell.
  • Pepto-Bismol… for my misbehaving stomach

And with that shopping I am ready to keep my dogs occupied and distracted (I hope!) so that I can actually get some rest.

Though…. By the barking Lola… Lola is having none of this “I’m sick” stuff. She sees that my legs arefunctioning and that’s good enough for her to expect that I’ll be taking them for a walk!