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chiropractor and pregnancy


If someone were to ask me if I were accident prone, I’d whole heatedly deny it. But then, if they persisted and asked a few more questions, there might be doubt cast on my denial.

Question : Have you ever been in any jarring event, something that snaps your neck or body??

Answer: Um, I’d like you to meet LOLA and LULU… my two chocolate labs. Every walk with them has a snap-crackle-pop!

Question: Have you ever fell??

Answer: You mean like down the stairs?? There’s been….. a few times.

Question: Have you ever been in a collision?

Answer: Well, not a car wreck, if that’s what you mean.

Question: Have you ever collided with something other than a car??

Answer: Yes, my vacuum cleaner.

Question: Your vacuum cleaner?!?

Answer: Yes. A few times.

Question: How did you collide with your vacuum?

Answer: While vacuuming the stairs… what goes up, must come down….. OH WAIT, now that I think about it, I WAS in a car accident. I totaled my car. Forgot about that one.

Question: Have you ever had a sports related injury?

Answer: Define sport…

Question: Any activity while you were being active….

Answer: Well, I shot off the back of a treadmill once… oh wait, I think that happened twice. And then there was the time I went snow boarding

Question: How is your desk at work?? How do you sit?? Are you ergonomically correct??

Answer: Um, pass…. Next question….

AND the list could go on and on…. IF I were to be asked the right questions.

Sooooo, guess who had a chiropractic appointment today?? And guess who is totally outta whack and misaligned. Yes, that would be me. For a couple weeks my neck has been wound tighter than the inside of a golf ball (that would be reference to a golf ball from my childhood, they might have different stuff in them now). Coincidentally, a friend suggested that I go to a chiropractor for fertility and it was on my list of things to do. So, even if my neck wasn’t messed up, I was planning on making my way to an office soon. Wouldn’t it be wild if I wind up pregnant this month?? I mean aside from the fact that IT WOULD be wild, but you know what I mean. WHAT I’m trying to say is that I’m a bit woo-woo…. and I find myself with this reoccurring neck issue, one that has been coming and going for a few years. But this time it’s sticking around with no relief in site, so much so that it’s making me turn to chiropractic care sooner than I would have done. And what do I find, that my whole lower back, in addition to my upper back and neck, are totally messed up!

Yes, yes… I can hear the skeptic out there saying “it’s a sham, of course they’re going to say you’re messed up…” BUT, to those nay-sayers…. I point out the above question/answer section. I do not exaggerate! And all that jarring had to do something, right??

I suppose, in the end… the pee stick will do the talking. I either will be greeted with one line, or two. AND no matter which one greets me, at least by then I’ll have a happy neck. I hope.