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Sandy... the one who likes coffee.

Sandy… the one who likes coffee.

Sandy is the girl next door, the one time cubicle worker who traded it in to work from home.  She is a divorcee’, but didn’t give up on love, instead… she became an accidental-cougar. Life seemed to open up a part two. One where she found herself an empty-nester to Sonora  and brand new mom to the D-Man and Miss-J.

Some say she’s a dreamer,  a bit askew, and can barely fry an egg….. sure, that might be true…. but, she can make a mean Latte’ and leap a Starbucks curb in a single bound! She writes life as she knows it, sees it, and feels it.  Grab a cup of coffee, get comfy, and welcome to Sandy’s Web….

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