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34 Week Update

And here we are, fast forwarding a month since my last entry…..

I’m now 34 weeks and the big day is racing towards me. I’m both excited and terrified, a mix of :“I can’t believe we did it!!” with the terrified part of me asking, “what have we done?!?!?” Meanwhile, in the last month we’ve completed a birthing class, had a wonderful baby shower and have started trying to figure out where all the baby stuff is going to go in our very tiny house.

It all still seems so surreal. I can’t believe the tubal reversal worked. Even with my little guy squirming about like he’s religiously practicing Taekwondo, I am still in shock that I’m actually pregnant. And even more shocked that we’re approaching the finish line of the pregnancy.

I’m still stuck in this “I’ve been struck dumb and speechless” mode, thus the lack of blog entries. I don’t know if it’s still that feeling of “don’t move and scare it all away” that’s going on with me, or I’m just scared. Either way, the words are like pulling teeth.

So it’s with a stunted peck-peck-peck at the keyboard that I am attempting to write and it’s just not working. So I will just conclude with this thought that keeps circling round and round in my brain:

Things are about to change in my life and the next 18+ years will never be the same….

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