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Cougar Town has babies?!??

Four months ago I found myself being wheeled into an operating room to a tune of James Brown. At least I think it was James Brown…I was a little distracted, it was mid-song and like I said, I was just about to have surgery. Once they put me on the table, the nurse turned off the music. If I’m to believe every tv-drama surgery I’ve ever watched, no doubt the music went back on once the scalpel hit my skin.

There I was, about to turn back time. No, not plastic surgery…. tubal ligation reversal. My womb was about to get back into action. My eggs were about to have free reign of my tubes. The girls were gonna be able to mingle. And if they got lucky and actually hooked up….. well then, more mini-me’s will walk the planet.

Yup, I know what you’re thinking….. plastic surgery makes more sense. After all, I’m 40, already a parent of an on-her-way-out-of-the-nest 18 year old daughter, and in a relationship with a much younger man. Why not a little Botox in the crows-feet, instead of trying to hear the pitter-patter of babies feet?!

So here I am….. a few months into this unfamiliar territory of TRYING to get pregnant. And I’ve got to tell you, after all the reading, temp taking, vitamin popping, doctor consulting and diet fixing……. I’m beginning to think it would be a hellava lot easier to just let the condom break!

Meanwhile…. I’ve decided to write about it. To be continued….

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