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August, 2009:

Drive-in, not out!

As we drove past the pay booth the sign read something about $15 per car containing two people and $20 per car containing three or more people.

No limit…. did you catch that?? I do believe that if you read between the lines, this is an undeclared challenge!! How many people can you fit in your car?? Think: clown car. Think: sardines. Think: if I fit enough people in my car, this is only costing me fifty cents to see a movie!! Friggon hell, that’s even better than Redbox!!

The reason that I give this five stars is NOT because of the state of the art equipment, because frankly there is none…. but because this is just plain old fashioned relaxing fun.
Here is my Top Five reasons why you should load up your car with lawn chairs, blankets, boom box, snacks… and take the drive to Lakeport Auto Movies:

1. It’s like having a picnic AND a movie!
2. You see shooting stars
3. You get fresh air
4. You can pretty much set up a mini living room in front of your car, minus the remote.
5. They have a FM station you can tune your radio to, for those who are anti-AM

IF you truly want to see a certain movie in all it’s movie glory….. go see it at an indoor theater. However, if you’re looking for a great night out with friends and family, this is a fun option that you might keep in mind!

Another Blog….

And here I go again….

I’ve got plans… but they still are cart-wheeling around in my head and have not settled yet. When they do, you’ll be the first to know! Writing is what I do, though it’s not what I’ve been doing lately.  I miss it.