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January, 2009:

A Day in the Life…

  • I have a sneaky suspicion that my landlord replaced all of the light bulbs on the same day. It is with a blush that I will admit that I was finally forced to change light bulbs, when I ran out of alternative lighting sources to turn on. Two nights ago as I turned on a light, yet another bulb bit the dust… Standing there in darkness, I yelled out to Sonora, who was in the other room, “I guess this means it’s time to change the bulbs!”
  • Yesterday it was raining. When I went into the backyard to empty the trash, I found that I’d left the lawn mower outside, where it’d gotten rain on. I pushed it into the garage and noticed that it smelled of wet-cut-been-sitting-a-bit-grass. Not a pleasant smell. So, I pushed it to the back corner.
  • Today, after arriving home from walking the dogs, I notice that the house now how the icky lawn mower smell… someone, or some four legged furry thing, left the door open to the garage. Soooo, what do I do? I Febreeze the lawn mower! And it worked!!! I totally think they should put that on the can….
  • I’m trying to come up with at tone deaf song to sing at karaoke tonight. I am going to overcome my public fear of singing, the real reason I’m not a rock star….