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August, 2008:

Garlic makes you cry…

I am crying as I type this…. Tears drenching my shirt as they pour off my cheeks… saddened, so-SO-so very sad…

They messed with perfection…. THEY DARED CHANGE THE RECIPE of their GARLIC CHEESE FRIES!
*sniff-sniffle-sniff *
I know…. I will let you take a moment to grapple with this horror of horrors….

Perfection. Perfect-crispy-yummy -sinful-garlic-goodn ess-gone. Bye-bye-gone.
*sniff* *hicCUP*

I took my daughter to the Ukiah Brewing Company because we both had an intense craving for the garlic fries we have both come to worship. When they placed the two platters down at our table, my first thought was, “how the hell do you confuse pasta with garlic cheese fries?!?” Oh wait, that blue lump is not some kind of organic congealed mound of carbs…. That was our sacred fries gone awry! Ever the opened minded individual, I decided that just as blue tortilla chips tastes the same as white… perhaps my precious fries would taste the same too. Alas, it was not to be. They were soft! No crispy goodness there.

It’s with fondness I will think back upon my Wednesday evenings past, where I was once entertained by live music and a plate of Garlic Cheese Fry perfection.
*sniff* *hic* *sniff*



Guess what?!?! The heavenly recipe is b-a-c-k BACK!  Oh yes! Yes they are! Garlic fry perfection is once again not an unattainable dream…. they’re only an order away….


Turns out the purple goop is just a seasonal thing… only around when purple potatoes are in season! Sooo, if you’re a fan of purple potatoes, then by all means go and try out the fries… but for me, I’m going to stick with the beeeauitiful perfection that is created with their everyday recipe! YUM!!!

UPDATE!!! (yes, another one!)


Some might say I’m obsessed…. And to that I firmly reply, “um… DUH!”

Snapple “Real Fact” #103: Frowning burns more calories than smiling….

A couple of days ago, this little tid-bit of information ran cartwheels back in forth in my brain… which is housed behind my furrowed and frowning eye brows.

I REALLLY want to love this restaurant… maybe it’s the building, maybe the seating, maybe the long bar… OR, and I think it goes without saying: the garlic cheese fries.  But friggon hell, they don’t seem to want to like me!!

On a whim, I decide to place a large order of Garlic Cheese Fries to-go…. I call, place order with the bar tender and ask where I will need to go to pick the order up. He says that I’m to go to the bar and he’ll have them ready for me.

I arrive the instructed 12 minutes later to pick up my basket-o-heaven. I happily walk up to the bar, as instructed…. I eagerly and expectantly make eye contact with the bar tender… but he looks right through me.  Hmm,  this is not the response I was looking for…. I smile bigger and try my damndest to project a “hello… I’m here for a happy reason” face. He continues washing glasses.  I am the only one at the end of the bar… the very long bar.  He continues to ignore the fact that there is anyone at the far end of the bar.  He in fact does a very believable job of acting as if I’m not there, I begin to wonder myself.  I then wonder if he’s forgotten his glasses and I’m a wee blur and have faded into the activities of those eating patrons seated behind me.

I walk to the end of the bar, closer to where he’s standing. STILL… NO….ACKNOWLEDGEMENT of my existence. I may have been in danger of developing a complex, had I not been  hell bent on getting my garlic fries before they got… *GASP*… cold! Finally, it was as if my invisibility cloak slipped off and there it was… EYE CONTACT! True, a bit of annoyed eye contact… but eye contact none the less.

Yes, I got the fries… and yes, they were wonderful. Regardless, I’m taking a star away from my rating.  I’m not saying that I wanted red carpet and trumpets… but friggon hell, for a $10 basket of fries, maybe a happy greeting and semi-fast service!